Here an existing wood tie wall will be removed and replaced with a modular block wall and precast steps.

The new block wall and steps are completed.

A look at the whole wall area.

This job involved removing all old cement block walls and steps around the perimeter of the driveway and replacing with modular block units and precast steps.

Here the new wall and driveway steps are complete and in the background new front entry steps done in a stone finish.

This is one of 3 walls completed.

This job created a back yard on a steep downhill slope that was totally unimproved. It started with a new septic system and then these walls for 2 patios and a driveway extension.

The lower level patio for a hot tub and a future outdoor kitchen with steps to the upper patio and driveway to the left.

Here to the left is the boulder wall done at the septic field lower level, the structural wall done for the driveway extension with a wood guard rail and the patio.