This job had poorly installed drainage for their sump pump, roof leader drains, exterior stairwell drain and a surface drain that caused recirculating water flooding their basement. Here plastic retention chambers are being installed on stone.

The chambers are complete with stone under and around them. This will be covered with a lawn as a finish.

Here a 1,000 gallon concrete seepage pit is being installed for a roof leader drain piping system.

The pit is surrounded in stone and soon to be covered.

This pipe on the right was the single source of flooding their basement with 3 feet of water the next storm after installing a sump pump to control minor water issues. This was our most challenging problem ever solved to find an unknown town drain pipe under their driveway. It would back up and then flow into their basement. See our TESTIMONIAL page for their thoughts.

Here footing drains are being installed around the base of a new garage.

Here a new catch basin and piping are being installed to collect a hillside stream that runs near the house into a poorly built pipe and drain.

A new plastic pipe is being pulled together and slid into an existing metal pipe running under their driveway to avoid digging through the driveway.

Here a perimeter curtain drain with the perforated pipe at the bottom is being filled with stone to collect ground water and surface water.